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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Do you wish that you had long, full hair? We’re here to help! We offer two types of hair extensions: “Good” and “Best”. Our good hair extensions will last up to three months, while our best hair extensions can last up to 6-8 months with proper care. Both types are human hair extensions, and our best hair extensions are Remi hair. We install our hair extensions on wefts using micro beads and avoid using any glues or tapes, as we feel this is the safest installation method. We suggest that hair extensions be tightened every five weeks.



Good Hair Extensions

Hair, install and style. 110 Grams


Best Hair Extensions

Hair, install and style


Hair Extensions Tightening

Up to three rows


Hair Extensions Tightening

More than three rows


Hair Extensions Install


Hair Extensions Removal


Hair Extensions Quick Fix

***Client will be contacted once appointment is booked to determine quantity and price of hair.


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