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3 Simple Autumn & Winter Skin Care Tips For Maintaining Glowy Skin

Here are a few simple ways that you can maintain that healthy summer glow even in the depths of winter. Hint: it has a lot to do with the quality of products you use and your daily habits.

Stay Hydrated

Keeping your skin glowing all year long is as simple as staying hydrated throughout the day. This can be done by guzzling that water when you’re sitting at your desk or while spending time with your kids. Don’t ignore the signs of dehydration and keep a water bottle close at hand to remind you to quench your thirst.

You can also get that added glow with serums specifically designed to lock in that moisture. Hyaluronic acid helps to keep your skin moist and soft, even in the driest of winter days. It retains moisture by binding to water, making it incredibly beneficial for those of us with particularly dry skin to avoid wrinkles in the future. Two popular serums for doing just that are by The Ordinary and Glossier—both effective, but at different price points.

However, keep in mind that water can also have a detrimental effect to your skin. Avoid taking scorching hot showers or baths, despite how tempting they are in the blistering cold of winter. Hot water evaporates quickly, which dries out your skin almost immediately once you step out of your bathroom. If you absolutely can’t give up your hot showers, though, be sure to moisturize as soon as you get out in order to avoid that annoying ‘winter’s itch’ from dry, cracked skin.

Use Sunscreen Regularly

Even though the sun is setting earlier and clouds are bit more prominent than the last few months doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing sunscreen. Sure, the biting sun we’ve been used to throughout the summer isn’t quite as scorching and damaging to the skin, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t being exposed to harmful UVA rays as soon as you step outside.

While a healthy summer glow is encouraged, and often what we’re trying to maintain year round, the dry, scaly skin that goes along with overexposure and sunburns isn’t. Be sure to incorporate a SPF moisturizer in your daily makeup routine and opt instead for a self-tanner that will have you looking like you just came back from vacation without the painful tan lines.

Use Quality Products

Winter is an aggressive season, which is why you should be using quality products to protect and nourish your skin. It’s no secret that the better the product, the healthier your skin will look, but that doesn’t always mean you have to break the bank to achieve that dewy glow. Some of the most popular brands offer effective, sustainable products at an affordable price so that everyone can feel as confident as possible throughout the year.

Dermatologists often recommend to opt for fragrance-free products if your skin is particular sensitive to dryness and irritation in the colder months. The gentler, the better, which is why gel cleansers without the stripping properties of foam and clay ones are recommended to retain moisture. Also, finding the right moisturizer for your skin type and using it often will make a huge difference to the smoothness of your skin.

However, when in doubt, contact us for a microneedling facial that will rejuvenate the skin with minimal recovery time. Your face deserves the best care it can get, especially during the coldest months of the year—don’t be afraid to treat yourself!

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