3 Simple Ways to Get Fuller Brows and Longer Lashes

Summer is the time to finally rock that bare face and enjoy getting that sun-kissed look. This is why so many of us might want to take a step back from our winter makeup routine and instead focus on taking care of our skin for that natural glow. While it’s easy to replace a heavy foundation for dewy skin, it isn’t as easy to mimic naturally full lashes and brows without some extra help from your favourite products.

If you struggle with thin eyebrows and eyelashes, but want to keep your makeup as minimal as you can this season, below are a few simple ways to get your desired look. Lashes and eyebrows are often considered the frames of the face, so taking the right steps to keep them as healthy as possible could be all you need to look completely put together before heading out the door!

Be Gentle with Them

It can be tempting to be a bit rough with your lashes and brows, especially if you like to remove your makeup in the shower or with wipes. The key to keeping them healthy and full is being as gentle as you can because, at the end of the day, they are hair and can fall out with too much tension. Instead of tugging and pulling your lashes when trying to remove mascara, use an oil-based cold cream to first break down the formula before washing it away with your normal cleanser.

This also applies to your eyebrows if you like to use an eyebrow gel for that fuller look. Use warm water and gentle motions to break down the product and make sure to brush the hairs in the direction of their growth so that there is no pulling at the follicle leading to hair loss.

Stimulate Growth with Natural Oils and Massages

If you really want to focus on stimulating lash and eyebrow growth without too much hassle, then consider using natural oils that encourage hair growth, such as Castor or Jojoba oil, and massaging it into the skin. Massages encourage blood flow, which can help increase hair growth in certain areas.

While this might be a bit trickier to achieve with your lashes, ensuring that hairs and follicles stay as moisturized as possible is never a bad idea when it comes to hair growth. Just like with the hair on your head, the dryer it is, the easier it will break off and take a while to grow back healthy and full.

Give Them That Extra Oomph with EyEnvy VitaBrow and Lash Serum

While natural remedies for eyebrow and eyelash hair growth are great in theory, sometimes you just need that extra helping hand from a trusted product. Wink and Wave is currently selling EyEnvy Vitabrow and Lash Serum for anyone who struggles keeping their lashes and brows thick, even when taking as much care of them as possible. EyEnvy uses peptides, which keep the hairs moisturized, prevent breakage, and promote hair growth. Pair these effective products with the EyEnvy Fibre Mascara and you’ll be feeling confident walking out of the house with nothing more on your face. The fibres will help to lengthen the short lashes until you are able to grow them back using the techniques and methods in this blog post!

We at Wink and Wave want to help you feel as confident as possible in your own skin, even if that means a bit of extra help from us. Along with the fantastic products and brands we offer on our website, we can also provide great treatments to make you feel your best all year round. Visit our website today to browse and book your next beauty appointment!



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