Take Great Fall Family Photos With These Tips

Fall is one of the most aesthetic times of the year, making it perfect for fun family photos. We see these kinds of photos all over Facebook and Instagram—families joyfully frolicking in red and yellow leaves. Fall family photos are a great staple to add to your fridge, fireplace mantle, or even your desk at work.

But you might be wondering how those families on your feed pull it all off. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, or just celebrating your loved ones, try out these tips to make your photos look great!

Book A Professional Makeup Artist

If your photos involve a lot of close-ups, then booking a professional makeup artist for the day is vital. With so much to plan already, the last thing you should have to worry about is also doing your own makeup. Rather than fussing in the mirror while your kids run amuck, hire someone to give you the perfect autumn look right from your home. At Wink and Wave, our professional makeup artists will have you looking great without the added travel time. All you have to worry about is having a big smile for your photos!

Pamper Yourself Before Taking Your Fall Family Photos

Another way to feel confident and excited for your fall family photos is by pampering yourself the day before. Book yourself a spa day or massage so that you can have that healthy, happy glow for your pictures. When you look back at these photos, you want to feel just as good as you did the day you took them. Your family will also look back fondly on those memories if you take time to practice some self-care before the photoshoot.

Choose a Theme

When you think about fall family photos, you might assume that there isn’t much room for theme nuance. However, there are many ways you can represent fall that isn’t specific to just the season. Your family can decide on a harvest theme, a spooky theme, a golden theme, or even a water theme if you live near a lake. There are a variety of options that can help make your pictures unique and special to your family. Choosing a theme beforehand will also help your photographer prepare and take the best photos to reflect your vision.

Choose a Location for Your Fall Family Photos

Along with choosing a theme, it’s important to know ahead of time where your fall family photos will take place. Choose a location that is easy to get to, easy to move around in, and easy for your photographer to do their job. The last thing you want is one of your kiddos slipping in a puddle of mud before the first photo is taken! And you don’t want to ruin your professional face of makeup with an unexpected downpour by not checking the forecast beforehand. Set yourself up for success by knowing the conditions of your shoot location ahead of time!

Prepare a Few Different Outfits

You might have had a specific outfit idea in mind for your photos, but it’s important that you always dress for the occasion. Fall is an in-between time, so it can be difficult to dress appropriately. This is why you should always have a few outfit options for the day in case the temperature takes a sudden drop. You might also have to account for any bodily fluctuations the day of, as well as any last-minute seam or zipper breaks.

Have Fun

And finally, the most important tip to have your fall family photos looking great is to just have fun. You’ll look back at these pictures years down the line and know that you and your family had a great time taking them. There’s no point stressing or fussing about getting the photos perfect if you aren’t enjoying yourself in the process. Take this opportunity to appreciate your family and enjoy spending time with them!

You and your family deserve to have a great time during your fall family photoshoot! Visit Wink and Wave today to learn more about the beauty and wellness services we offer to help make that happen.



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