How to Make Your Hair Removal Easy and Comfortable

Having smooth, freshly waxed skin always feels great, but there are many times where the process is irritating and sometimes painful. With so many people suffering from sensitive skin, it’s no wonder why there are so many treatments and products on the market to help during the process of hair removal. If you struggle with discomfort when you get waxing appointments, continue reading for some simple times on how to make your hair removal easy and comfortable.

Keep Your Skin Exfoliated and Clean

Making sure to remove all the dead skin cells before your waxing appointment will help to keep the process easy and more effective.  Removing dry skin before a wax ensures that any ingrown hairs are loosened and that the strip more easily attaches to all the hair to smoothly remove it without excessive waxing needed. While in a warm shower, use an exfoliating glove to gently scrub the skin so that it feels silky smooth when done. Alternatively, you can also use a dry brush to remove dry skin, however, too much irritation can lead to microtears and more discomfort in the long run.

Trim Hair If Necessary

While it’s important to allow your body hair to grow out enough between waxes in order to get the best results, there are also instances where giving yourself a bit of a trim beforehand could make the process easier. This mostly applies to a bikini wax because of how sensitive the area is. Excessively long hair can lead to more pulling and pain than necessary. Instead, try trimming it slightly a day or two before your waxing appointment for more ease and comfort. 

Take a Pain Reliever Beforehand

If you are incredibly sensitive to pain of any kind, then it could be useful to take an over-the-counter pain killer before your waxing appointment. Not everyone is comfortable with the process of waxing, despite how many years you might have been doing it, so this could be the best way to help you relax and feel a little bit better when you finish your session.

Prepare a Soothing Lotion and Cold Compress for After Your Wax

Sometimes, the most uncomfortable part of waxing is the hours after your appointment, especially if you have sensitive skin. A great way to help relieve some of this discomfort is by preparing a soothing lotion and cold compress that you can apply either immediately after your session or once you get home. Skin irritation from waxing normally subsides within a day, but applying a lotion could help relieve side effects sooner. It’s also important to ensure that any creams applied to the skin after a wax are fragrance-free. Fragrance can sometimes be irritating to the skin, especially after any abrasive pulling on it, so make sure to always keep your products simple and soothing.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes After a Wax

The worst thing you could do after a wax, especially one along the bikini line or on the underarms, is to wear tight-fitting clothing. Your skin needs time and space to breathe and heal after the hair has been pulled from the follicles. Clothing that is too tight and worn soon after a waxing appointment can lead to irritation from sweat and ingrown hairs that can become infected. Be sure to show up to your appointment in something loose and comfortable and to wear those kinds of outfits for the next day or two.

Waxing isn’t always the most fun, but the results often look amazing, which is why it’s always on our self-care to-do list. Visit us at Wink and Wave today to browse our waxing options and book your appointment to get that silky smooth skin for any occasion!



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