6 Reasons Why You Should Have an RMT Massage

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Now more than ever is the time to take better care of yourself, both on the outside and the inside. When we talk about self-care, you might think of sitting lakeside with your favourite mixed drink in hand. However, there are so many other aspects that go into taking care of yourself. From your mental and physical health, all the way to what you eat and how you spend your time—there isn’t a right or wrong way to show yourself some love. 

One overlooked treatment to help you feel better is RMT massage. This treatment can help anyone suffering from a variety of issues. If you’ve been considering booking one for yourself, but aren’t sure if it’s really worth it, below are a few great reasons why it might be the best form of self-care for you!

Here are some reasons why…

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 1. It lowers stress and anxiety 

A common reason why you might want to book yourself an RMT massage this weekend is to help lower your stress levels and reduce anxiety. It’s no surprise that so many of us are suffering from mental health struggles this year, so giving yourself the gift of decompression might just be the best thing you can do. If left unchecked, common stress hormones, such as cortisol, can cause long term physical and emotional damage. Studies have shown that a massage can help to decrease these hormones—is there a better reason than that to book one today? 

2. It relieves aches and pains 

Anyone who suffers from chronic aches and pains knows how amazing it is to get that small bit of relief. RMT massages have shown to relieve these symptoms and reduce overall muscle tension so that the great feeling lasts longer than just your appointment. If you’ve been sitting all day at your home office and are feeling the aftereffects of bad posture and an ergonomically incorrect setup, then an RMT massage might be just what you need to feel realigned and comfortable.

3. It improves sleep

If you struggle with a lot of anxiety and stress you might notice that you also have a hard time falling asleep at night. If you find yourself tossing and turning all night long, then a therapeutic massage (also known as a Swedish massage) could be the answer to your struggles. In just a few minutes on an RMT’s table you’ll begin to notice the relaxing effects and might even find yourself falling asleep right then and there!

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4. Self-care improves productivity

It can be hard to break away from the grind of work and family life, but after a certain point you will probably begin to notice signs of burnout. Sometimes the best thing you can do to boost productivity and stay on track with your goals is to factor in self-care before you reach the inevitable point of burnout. Massages are a great treat to both your mind and body and can be performed on a recurring basis if you find yourself constantly on the brink. Not giving yourself enough time to decompress and feel rejuvenated will only cause more stress and less productivity down the line. 

5. It stimulates the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is in charge of draining all the toxins out of our bodies, but sometimes needs a bit of a helping hand to function effectively. Lymphatic fluid doesn’t move around our bodies autonomously like blood does, so having the lymphatic system stimulated with physical actions, such as massages and gua sha, is a great way to get it all moving. Furthermore, studies have shown that this kind of massage can also help improve the immune system! 

6. It improves circulation 

If you work in an office or from a desk setup at home then you can probably relate to this struggle. Sitting at a desk all day provides a whole host of problems, but an incredibly common one is bad circulation, which can lead to not-so-great results like blood clots or fluid retention in your legs and feet. RMT massages are a great way to improve your circulation and keep your body feeling great even if you have to work from a desk 8 hours a day.  

If you’ve found yourself struggling with a few of the issues mentioned above, then consider booking one of Wink and Wave’s RMT massages today. It’s never too late to begin your self-care journey and we’d love to help you get started!



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