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Waxing, Threading or Sugaring – Which Hair Removal Treatment Should You Do?

Posted on: November 27, 2019 | Categories: Beauty Services, Beauty Tips

Safe and effective hair removal is a concern all year round for many of us, which is why it’s important that you find the best method that works for you in order to feel confident every day. While there are a variety of methods to keep your skin looking shiny and smooth, there are difference between them that can work better for some and less for others.

Waxing, sugaring and threading are the main methods that have become the go-to for many people, both for the body and face. This post will dive into a few of the pros and cons of all three so that you have a better idea of what might work the best for you, your skin and your lifestyle.


This is most common method of hair removal because of its ease and effectiveness for long-term results. Many people opt for waxing in order to prevent ingrown hair (common with consistent shaving), specifically in hard to reach areas. Waxing is also known to last a fair amount of time, which makes it the perfect option right before a tropical vacation.

However, one downside of the process is that it hurts…every time. Sure, you can have a very qualified technician who knows that they are doing, but at the end of the day, you are forcefully pulling the hair out of their roots. Some people have higher pain thresholds than others, so this might not always be an issue.

Furthermore, the wax used adheres to the skin which can cause irritation and discomfort even after the process is done. Not to mention that it is known to cause ingrown hairs. And while it is recommended that you wait 4-5 weeks between sessions for the best results, this can be inconvenient if you need to be prepared for an event just 2 weeks after your last session.


Sugaring, on the other hand, offers a more natural and less-painful option than waxing for long-term hair removal. Seeing as the formulation is simply sugar, lemon juice and water, it is a much gentler alternative that isn’t scolding hot against sensitive skin. Unlike waxing, it doesn’t adhere to the skin and even gently exfoliates, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. The process isn’t any messier than waxing and lasts about 6 weeks so that you can rest assured you’ll still be looking great for the next little while.

One con of the method, however, are that while it does lead to less and less hair growth with time, it doesn’t create finer and sparser hair regrowth like waxing does. It also takes a bit longer than waxing, which might not always be ideal for busy moms on the go or anyone living a fast-paced lifestyle.

Sometimes one hour on the weekend is all you’ll get for self-care and maintenance!

And, most importantly, this hair removal method doesn’t work on hair that has been shaved in between appointments. This means that if you are committed to sugaring then you need to be okay with rocking some stubble before your next session.


Threading, unlike waxing and sugaring, is most effective on the facial area. The method allows for precise shaping in small contours around the face, like the brows and upper lip, and typically makes the hair grow back slower than waxing. And the best part is that it usually only takes about 5 minutes, so you’re in and out just in time for a brunch with friends or to pick up your kids from school. You can’t go wrong with that!

The main downside is that it hurts a fair amount and that can often be a deterring factor for people with sensitive skin or low pain thresholds. It also can’t be used throughout the entire body unless you have a few hours to spare and can handle the pain on some of your more sensitive regions.

At the end of the day, the ideal hair removal is really up to you and your comfort level. Hopefully, this blog post was useful in helping you discover your preference. At Wink and Wave we provide all 3 services so that you can find the best one for you, right from the comfort of your home.

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Author: Aimee Sloggett

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