4 Simple Ways to Support Small Canadian Businesses

We, here at Wink and Wave, are so happy and excited to announce that we are the recipients of the IFundWoman grant program hosted by Visa Canada! After the unexpected and unstable year we’ve had, it’s an honour to see our business vision and hard work being valued, not only by our community of amazing women, but also other organizations that have the means to support small businesses.

Today we wanted to share a few simple and easy ways that you, as a consumer, can also help support small businesses, whether in Canada or not. The support of a loyal community is what makes or breaks a business, and we think all deserve a chance to shine, especially when they have fantastic products or services to share with the world.

If you love to shop, but have a hard time figuring out the best way to support smaller businesses that aren’t as accessible as Amazon or other big retailers, you came to the right place! Below are a few ways to show your support, even if you can’t make a purchase.

  1. Share on social media
    A simple, yet effective way to show your support to small businesses is by engaging with them on social media and actively sharing their posts. This can be through commenting on their posts, sending links to your friends and family, or even talking about them on your own blog or social platforms.

    Not everyone can afford to buy from a brand, and that’s okay! If you love what they are doing online and the message they stand for, then don’t be afraid to engage virtually with their work. Being part of the ecosystem that helps small businesses grow and thrive is all about how visible they are, so if you want to show your support and help them get a few new customers then don’t be shy to share!
  1. Write reviews on Google
    Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to share your views on a company and how most people make a decision as to whether they want to buy from them. This is why it’s incredibly important to voice your positive feedback online if you feel like a small business deserves more recognition for their products or services.

    Taking some time after your appointment or after receiving your purchase to write a positive Google review or testimonial is a great way to encourage others to partner with a brand and show them the support they deserve. And the great thing is that all it takes is for you to speak from the heart and share your genuine opinion—what’s easier than that?
  1. Buy gift cards
    If you’ve recently discovered a new small business and want to share their product or services with everyone you know, but don’t know what to buy for them, consider buying gift cards instead. Not only will this allow you to support a small business and add to their revenue, but it will also allow your friends and family to choose products that they will genuinely enjoy and make it more likely that they will then share their feedback and experience online as well. Gift cards make a great gift that don’t take much space or time to purchase, so show your love for a small business by giving out a few to your friends and family for birthdays or special occasions.
  1. Offer your own products or services to help
    If you’ve recently discovered a small business that is doing everything right but just can’t seem to get their feet off the ground, then consider providing your own products and services to give them that helping hand. If you love what they’re doing and want to help them reach a broader audience, you can offer your content writing or photography services to get their name out there. Your skills might just be exactly what they need to find their people and grow their business in a way that is fun and authentic to them.

Again, we are so honoured to receive the IFundWomen grant and are excited to continue offering amazing services to our loyal customers that will help them look and feel their best! If you’re interested in starting your beauty and healing journey today, visit Wink and Wave to book your first appointment!



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