How Cupping Therapy Can Help You Feel Better

WInk and Wave Toronto Cupping Massage to Relieve Back Pain

There’s no denying living through a pandemic is rough, so feeling tense is understandable. Restless sleeps, bad posture at your make-shift home office, and even a clenched jaw can all lead to neck and back pain. Pain that makes living life incredibly difficult.

While you might opt for a massage or chiropractic treatment to regain your alignment (both great options!), cupping is a great add-on to these services. Cupping is backed by years of evidence. If you’re in need of some extra relaxation to get through your work week, then cupping might be the treatment for you!

Wink and Wave Toronto Cupping Therapy with RMT Massages

What is cupping?

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy used to treat a variety of ailments and illnesses. Some of the benefits of cupping include improved muscle relaxation and blood circulation throughout the body. 

During a cupping session, small cups are suctioned to the skin, either with heat or a pump. The skin and everything beneath it is drawn up into the cup, leading to less tension. While typically harmless, there is a chance of bruising in the treatment area. Be sure to discuss the after-effects with your RMT practitioner.

Can cupping work for you?

Cupping is reportedly a go-to treatment for a wide variety of people, from stay-at-home moms to professional athletes. We all struggle with stress and tension from time to time. Therefore, taking care of your physical wellness in whichever way works for you is a step in the right direction.

If you find yourself dealing with neck and back tightness or a specific injury, cupping could be the right alternative medical therapy to get you back on your feet.

If you’re interested in giving cupping a try, book the cupping add-on with your Wink and Wave RMT massage service to begin your wellness journey!



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