How to Prepare for Your Spray Tan Appointment

As summer begins to wind down and we prepare for the chilly weather of October, you might want to hold on to a bit of the sunshine by getting a spray tan or refreshing the one you’ve already got.

There are only so many hours in the day between school drop offs and dinner prep, which is why we wanted to put together a quick guide on how to get ready for your spray tan appointment. The steps you take before your tech arrives can make a world of difference to the longevity and appearance of your spray tan, so keep reading for more information on how to achieve the best results.

Schedule Other Services Around It

You might be tempted to schedule a few other beauty services at the same time as your spray tan in order to maximize the time you have to yourself. We get it—there’s nothing more satisfying than a fresh mani or pedi to top off your new glow. However, we recommend that you schedule these services around your spray tan so that you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

This means that your mani and pedi should be done before your spray tan or after you’ve fully processed and showered with soap. This also applies if you are planning to get a new set of lash extensions. For them to hold successfully, you should wait a full 24 hours before you get your spray tan. Our techs want to give you the best results, so scheduling your other beauty services separately is key.

Prepare a Few Days in Advance

When it comes to preparing your skin for a spray tan session, it’s best you begin a few days in advance. Be sure to use our exfoliating mitt on your hands and feet to get rid of any dry skin that could affect the hold and distribution of colour. Run yourself a nice, hot shower and exfoliate away! This is best done the day before your tan.

It’s also important to avoid doing any activities that will make you sweat excessively at least six hours before your spray tan appointment. This includes showering or taking a bath, swimming, relaxing in a sauna, and even working out. Without a properly prepped base, your tan will have a harder time lasting the full 10 days and giving you that sun-kissed look well into autumn.

Decide What Clothes You are Going to Wear for the Appointment

Your outfit choice is never as important as when you are getting spray tanned. There’s a fair amount to keep in mind when you choose your clothes for the appointment, even more so for new moms who might be breastfeeding.

Consider whether or not you are okay with visible tan lines—this could affect your outfit choices in the future, especially with strapless or backless clothing. New moms—you might want to cover you breasts or schedule the appointment so that you can process and shower before your baby’s next feed.

Once your spray tan is done you should opt for looser clothing that doesn’t rub against your skin until you have showered with soap. To keep your tan looking flawless, let your skin breathe and be sure to wear something that you don’t mind getting a little dirty if necessary. Don’t worry—our organic tans always wash out of any clothes or bedding!

Have a Plan for Making the Colour Last

The best thing about our organic tanning solution is that it offers a rapid tan so you can get back into your daily routine quickly and look good while doing it. The longer you leave the spray tan on, the darker you’ll get, so you can always switch it up when you’re particularly missing the sun.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t shower until five hours after your appointment, and when you do, avoid rubbing your body dry. Gentle patting with a towel is the most effective way to make your tan last and keep the colour even.

You also shouldn’t forget the importance of moisturizing regularly to avoid dry, flaky skin. Be sure to slather on a layer of moisturizer after every shower so that your tan lasts the full 10 days or longer, depending on how dark you’ve gone.

Our spray tan solution is also incredibly safe for breastfeeding moms to use, so don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a new look. You deserve it!



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